UPDATE 09.20.07

Added some links and am getting ready for Season 2 tracking and a Season 1 recap. More details soon!

UPDATE 08.12.07

This "official site" of the "Unofficial Ars Technica Racing League" is to serve as a supplement to, and not a replacement of, our multiple GESC threads. I'm hoping this extends beyond Forza 2, especially with PGR4 (and Mario Kart... I am actually serious about that) right around the corner (and eventually, Gran Turismo 5).

Initial content will include:

TOURNAMENTS - Current schedules and standings for Ars tournaments, as well as historical results. I also intend to provide links to specific pages of Ars thread discussion for each race, both pre-race and recaps for each group. This should alleviate confusion with jumping around 20+ page threads. No separate forum will be created on UATRL.com.

CHALLENGES - Links to information about upcoming and past Ars challenges and online meets, outside of the tourney races. I'm actually hoping to get a weekly/monthly "track attack" going where we focus on a specific class/track. Perhaps a regular schedule here as well.

PHOTOS - A collection of the best Ars member photos. I'll host and display them. Format to be determined.

RACERS - Basically a collection of Ars to Gamertag/PSN/Friend-code conversions for active racers, including perhaps Time Zone info to help folks meet up online. It's our racing community reference directory, which may become even more pertinent as new games release.

LINKS - Things like forzamotorsport.net, the GESC, the famous Forza web tuning calculator, and anything else that comes along. The reference library, if you will.

Other content suggestions are more than welcome. Again, UATRL.com is meant to supplement Ars racing threads which are growing fast. 95% of content will remain in the GESC, but should now be easier to get to.

FYI - The Tournament Page is now semi-done. Check it out to get an idea of what I've planned to include.

Posted by: Unimental